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Gladiolus ‘Traderhorn’


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Gladiolus ‘Traderhorn’

A large flowering gladiolus.

Flower Colour: Red with white centre
Flowering Time: August-September
Height: 100cm/40″
Planting time: Spring
Position: Sunny
Soil type: Well drained
Planting depth: 2-3 x depth of bulb
Spacing: 15cm/6″
Sold as: Corm, large corms (12/14)

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10 B ulbs, 20 Bulbs


– Plant when danger of frost has passed and the ground has warmed.

– Plant 2-3 times the depth of the bulb and 15cm/6” apart.

– In well drained moist soil, in a sunny position.

– Gladioli prefer to be in spaces where no other plants compete with them.

– Water regularly as the growth begins to appear.

– You can hill up the soil when plants are about 15cm/6” tall to help support the stems.

– Dead head as necessary, but leave foliage.

– Bulbs will winter in the ground if they are in a warm sheltered position.

– If exposed and prone to cold conditions Gladioli will benefit from lifting and storing in a frost free location.


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