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Spring Planting Bulbs

Please note: The Spring planting bulbs are now sold out (June 21 2020). We will put them back up for sale later on in the year for dispatch in the beginning of March 2021!

Thank you to all our customers that have supported us during the Spring of 2020!

We will have a large range of spring planting bulbs available including Amarine, Begonia, Cyclamen, Gladiolus and many other varieties, to keep your garden colourful through Spring and Summer.

Most of the varieties of bulbs will be available until the end of May. Planting before the end of May gives the bulb a good chance to root, to grow and then flower for you in the summer. Keep checking our website as we will be adding varieties as they become available!

Dispatch of our spring planting bulbs happens from the beginning of March 2021. If you need to receive your order sooner than this, please contact us and where possible we will do what we can to help.