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This once old fashioned flower has come back in fashion in recent years. Understandably so as it is such a showy specimen with it’s large spiky flower stem and great variety of colours. Popular in the garden as well as in the house.

Please note: You can buy your bulbs now but dispatch is from the beginning of March!

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  • Alpha

    Gladiolus ‘Alpha’

  • Azurro

    Gladiolus ‘Azurro’

  • 806433053

    Gladiolus ‘Black Surprise’

  • Dingadong Mystic Green 8 110 min

    Gladiolus ‘Dingadong’

  • Mombasa Black Velvet

    Gladiolus ‘Mombasa’

  • FA 11 0524 Gladiolus Peter Pears

    Gladiolus ‘Peter Pears’

  • Princess Frizzle min

    Gladiolus ‘Princess Frizzle’

  • FA 09 0565 Gladiolus Purple Flora

    Gladiolus ‘Purple Flora’

  • Snowy Frizzle

    Gladiolus ‘Snowy Frizzle’