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With a large selection of dahlias available, they are the highlight of late summer in your garden. Grown in borders, pots and planters they provide long lasting beauty to look at and are also well liked by pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Dahlias demand relatively little attention and reward you with a fantastic colourful display for you to enjoy!

Please note: You can buy your bulbs now but dispatch is from the beginning of March!

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  • FA 07 0201 Dahlia Akita

    Dahlia Akita

  • dahlalldir

    Dahlia All Directions

  • FA 15 0673 Dahlia Arabian Night

    Dahlia Arabian Night

  • FA 12 1031 Dahlia Bacardi

    Dahlia Bacardi

  • Dahlia Blue Bayou

    Dahlia Blue Bayou

  • Sale! FA 20 0573 Dahlia Cafe au Lait

    Dahlia Cafe au Lait

  • FA 07 0559 Dahlia Chat Noir

    Dahlia Chat Noir

  • dahlcolorado

    Dahlia Colorado Classic

  • FA 09 0518 Dahlia Dark Spirit

    Dahlia Dark Spirit