Puschkinia libanotica

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Product Description

Puschkinia libanotica

You can be forgiven for thinking that this name sounds very ‘Russian’, because it is- It is the ‘Russian snowdrop’. A very pale blue-white flower which grows exceedingly well. You will not be disappointed at this scented beauty gracing your Spring garden.

Flower Colour: Pale blue-white
Flowering Time: March
Height: 15cm/6″
Planting time: Autumn
Position: Sun/part shade
Soil type: Well drained/moist
Planting depth: 2x depth of bulb
Spacing: 15cm/6″
Sold as: Bulb

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Care Information

General (autumn planting) bulb care


  • Autumn planting bulbs can be planted from now until the end of November.
  • Plant 2-3 the depth of the bulb.
  • In well-drained soil.
  • Generally, plant bulbs in a light sunny position, some varieties will tolerate part shade.
  • Most bulbs can be planted in pots or containers using a good quality compost.
  • Autumn planting bulbs are fully hardy
  • Avoid poor drained soil and waterlogged conditions