Gloriosa ‘Rothschildiana’

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Gloriosa ‘Rothschildiana’

Probably the best known and most popular variety of the Gloriosa family. With a bit of care this variety will produce a mass of beautiful two-toned flowers which have a lovely sweet scent. A bit of patience is needed for growing the tubers and they can be a bit temperamental.

Flower Colour: Pinkish-red and yellow
Flowering Time: Summer 
Height: 100cm/40″
Planting time: March-April but can be planted as late as May
Position: Sun/part shade
Soil type: Well drained
Planting depth: 5cm/2″
Spacing: 25cm/10″
Sold as: Tuber

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Care Information

  • Plant Gloriosa in a pot or planter in Spring and keep in warm conditions until chance of frost has passed.
  • The tuber is planted flat (on its side).
  • Set bulb in moist but well drained soil.
  • The bulbs prefer a consistent temperature of around 18 degrees celsius
  • Plant 5cm/2” deep and 25cm/10” apart.
  • They prefer a sunny position but try to avoid the hot midday sun.
  • Best in pots and containers.
  • In the Autumn allow foliage to die back naturally and bring the planters in.
  • Store pots in a dry, warm frost free location. Gloriosa lilys do not like frost or temperatures below 16 degrees Celsius.
  • Left in pots over Winter, be sure the compost is left completely dry, and repot in fresh compost the following Spring.
  • Gloriosa can be grown outdoors. A warm greenhouse or conservatory are ideal places to grow them though. Remember they are from tropical origin.
  • Please note: after planting the tubers can take quite a while (1-2 months) to sprout.