Colocasia esculenta

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Colocasia esculenta

Also called elephant ears because of the large heart shaped leaves. The leaves have prominent veins going through them. The flowers are white but insignificant. In UK they are best grown in large pots/planters as they are not frost hardy and need protection through the winter.

Flower Colour: White, but insignificant
Height: 150cm/60″
Planting time: Spring
Position: Sun/part shade
Soil type: Moist
Planting depth: Leave tip of bulb showing above soil.
Spacing: 40cm/16″
Sold as: Bulb, very large bulb

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Care Information

  • Plant when danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed.
  • Alternatively start them off in a greenhouse.
  • Can be planted in the ground or in pots or containers.
  • Plant in well drained soil with the tip of the bulb showing.
  • Need a sunny location.
  • Let the foliage die back naturally, to put the goodness back in the bulb.
  • Colocasia need shelter and dry conditions over winter.