Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) sonatini ‘Balentino’

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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) sonatini ‘Balentino’

The striking red showy flower of this outdoor Amaryllis will definitely brighten up any garden.

Flower Colour: Red
Flowering Time: April-July
Height: 50cm/20″
Planting time: From January-April
Position: Sunny warm/part shade
Soil type: Well drained/moist
Planting depth: 15cm/6″, leaving the tip of the bulb just showing
Spacing: 24cm/9″
Sold as: Bulb (16/18)

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Care Information

  • Bulbs can be planted as early as January and as late as April.
  • Usually the flower appear 8-10 weeks after planting.
  • Can be planted in the ground, in pots or containers.
  • Plant in well drained soil with the tip of the bulb just showing.
  • Best located in a sunny position but will tolerate part shade.
  • Water sparingly until leaf development.
  • Remove the spent flower after flowering and let the foliage die back naturally, to put the goodness back in the bulb.
  • Amaryllis sonatini are hardy bulbs but a mulch in winter against severe frost is advised.