Agapanthus ‘Dokter Brouwer’ Plant

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Product Description

Agapanthus ‘Dokter Brouwer’ plant

A beautiful two toned violet blue variety which is also a good cut flower.

Flower Colour: Violet blue
Flowering Time: June-August
Height: 80cm/32″
Pot Size: 3 ltr pot or 4 litre pot
Position: Full sun
Price per Pot: £12 for 3 litre or £15 for 4 litre pot


Care Information

Agapanthus care


  • Can be planted between April and May or in the Autumn.
  • Plant in well drained soil in a full sunny position.
  • Good in pots or containers.
  • Avoid poor drainage and waterlogged conditions.
  • If in pots, only repot when the plant is pot bound.
  • Water copiously in dry weather and in the growing season.
  • Agapanthus will benefit from regular feeding with a balanced slow release fertilizer.
  • Give pots some protection over Winter by taking into a cool dry sheltered area. Very little water is needed through this dormant period.
  • If in the ground it’s a good idea to mulch over with straw or bark in cold conditions.