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Iris germanica (bearded iris)

Iris germanica, also known as bearded iris is probably the showiest member of the iris family and certainly deserves a place in any garden, either in a border, a pot or planter.

Please note: you can buy your bulbs now but dispatch is from the beginning of March!

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  • 40394 Iris Germanica Batik

    Iris germanica Batik

  • 40395 Iris Germanica Black

    Iris germanica Black

  • 40396 Iris Germanica Black Dragon

    Iris germanica Black Dragon

  • 40397 Iris Germanica Edith Wolford

    Iris germanica Edith Wolford

  • 40398 Iris Germanica Goodbye Heart

    Iris germanica Goodbye Heart

  • 40399 Iris Germanica Magic Man

    Iris germanica Magic Man

  • 40400 Iris Germanica Natchez Trace

    Iris germanica Natchez Trace

  • 40401 Iris Germanica Orange

    Iris germanica Orange

  • 40402 Iris Germanica Senlac

    Iris germanica Senlac