Spring Planting Bulbs!

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Spring planting bulbs, such as begonias, dahlias, gladioli, nerine, zantedeschias to name a
few, are exactly that…they are bulbs planted in the spring. Whereas spring-flowering bulbs
are usually planted the previous planting season, autumn. Don’t be confused, it’s easily

So, spring is coming and that is the best time to plant spring planting bulbs, for a lovely
display in summer, some through to autumn.

These bulbs are easy maintenance. Planted in favourable conditions, well-drained soil and
the correct location for the variety, they will give a lengthy display of flowers.

When choosing your bulbs, it’s always best to buy quality (firm and a good size) which gives
you the best chance of producing a healthy flowering plant. If not planted straight away
store the bulbs, in a dry, frost-free environment. Spring planting bulbs do not need to be
kept cool.

Bulbs can be planted directly in the open ground once the soil has warmed up and any
chance of frost has gone. They can be planted in pots or containers, which is also a good
way to start them off earlier before planting out. Some varieties are better grown in pots, as
they are more sensitive to the right conditions in which they are planted.

Once planted you can enjoy the journey of the bulb growing its foliage, the buds developing
and the flowers opening, for months to come.

With lots of varieties to choose from adding a combination of height (gladioli,
ornithogalum), structure (colocasia, eucomis), colour (begonias, dahlias, iris, mirabilis) and
fragrance (hymenocallis, tuberosa) to your garden or patio. A lot of varieties of spring
planting bulbs make excellent cut flowers so you can bring some of the outdoor beauty,

Another reason to grow and plant bulbs in the spring is the attraction of the long flowering
period to bees and other pollinators. They need all the help we can give them nowadays and
so easily done.

Some varieties will need attention at the end of the growing season, by being brought
indoors or lifting for then to be stored in a dry, clean frost-free environment to be planted
out again the following spring.

Here at Petrichor Bulb Specialists we pride ourselves in having a great selection of quality
bulbs and we are sure you will find something to your liking!

Happy planting!
Bert and Team

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